A new way to be human: find out what it is

Such an exploration requires a new way to be human and discover what we have in common with others. Please join us in re-experiencing humanity!

If we fail to interact with others, we cannot know what it is to be human and thus experience our humanity. The experience of our commonality – our connection, the fundamental qualities inherent in all people – is a lifetime journey that culminates in wisdom and the recognition of the humane, or, the best qualities of being human.

In our ever-evolving technology, life has become complex while remaining seemingly simple. For instance, to eat we no longer simply grow our own food. This once straightforward process has been replaced by a highly complex, interdependent, multi-functional series of relationships between humans and technology, giving way to our ability to “order in.” When we “order in,” a prepared, pre-grown, anonymously organized meal appears at our door. “Anonymous” is the key.

A new way to be human: a new model of development

We stand the risk of forgetting the fundamental relationships between ourselves and our world – of trading our humanity for mere modern convenience. We, as human beings, seem to have a propensity to forget about each other due to lack of exposure. In our current world, we are given the sadly fatal opportunity to view each other as objects. On our roadways, we forget our humanity and see others not as humans, but as drivers; simple objects to be avoided, overcome, or punished at will. This is more commonly known as “road rage.” Imagine if we behaved towards each other in interpersonal situations as we do on our roads.

The necessity of human interaction has been gradually minimized by our sophistication. If we follow this trend, without experiencing one another, we lose our humanity and lose a vital experience of ourselves through others.

It is well known that we can more easily punish strangers than acquaintances, and that it is easier still to punish unknown, objectified persons – such as the “driver” – than even strangers. We live in a world where a group of people witnessed a woman be murdered in broad daylight and did nothing. A world where it is estimated the average child sets eyes on over 10,000 killings in the media by the time they are 18, in so-called preparation for the real world. This is unacceptable.

We feel we can change a world that desperately needs changing. With our humanity in the balance, our mission is to spread know-how and similar notions throughout the world.

Because most profound ideas are first met with ridicule, and then opposition before acceptance, we recognize there are those who – because of envy and other fear-based emotions – will attempt to stop us. It is our belief that, with resolve, humanity will prevail.

Please join us in re-experiencing humanity!