Albany, NY

From the modest beginnings of ESP’s early days, the Albany center has grown to become an international destination for introspection and personal development. Being ESP’s founding center, Albany is always the first to host new and advanced–level trainings, and it boasts the most highly skilled trainers and coaches within the organization. People travel from all over the world to visit and take advantage of the wealth of resources, and many have relocated here to pursue their growth in a consistent, accelerated form.

With our corporate headquarters just around the corner, the Albany center has everything you need to feel welcome, comfortable, and productive. Similar to our other centers, Albany exhibits a unique culture of diversity, drawing a varied mix of members—local and from afar—by their common desire to build a more ethical, compassionate world. The presence of ESP’s founder and president, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, also lends the unique privilege of experiencing the source of all the wonderful tools ESP has to offer. Their dedication and unyielding commitment to helping others is a palpable source of inspiration not just for our center, but for our global community.