Monterrey, NL

Monterrey is Mexico’s third-largest metropolitan area and the country’s industrial heart. Just as Monterrey can count itself among the oldest cities in North America, the Monterrey center enjoys the prestigious distinction of being the second-oldest ESP center in the world, after our founding center in Albany, New York. Surrounded by Monterrey’s magnificent mountains, the center is located in the heart of the bustling San Pedro commercial district, with restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and fitness trails nearby. The center itself offers the typical business amenities and a coffee bar.

People from Monterrey are known collectively in Mexico as “Regios,” short for “Regiomontanos.” With their industrious heritage, the Regios are as warm-hearted as they are hard-working. ESP counts among its Monterrey members not just business leaders, but musicians, artists and athletes—both amateur and professional—all possessing a diverse range of backgrounds and ages. Their varied interests and shared love of growth and personal development draws them together to form a strong and vibrant community. In addition to ESP’s Ethos™ program and regular intensives, the center hosts salsa-dancing workshops, movies and outdoor adventure trips.