New York City

Located in the heart of Manhattan, just steps away from Times Square, our New York City center boasts the same eclectic qualities that make the city a melting pot for art, culture, innovation and business. Hailing from places as far away as Belgium, Colombia and India, the diversity of our NYC members adds to the center’s rich cultural life, and makes for some incredibly exciting (and tasty) community events. Everyone from financiers, gourmet chefs, artists and entrepreneurs converge at this hot spot to explore their shared values of introspection, personal growth and professional excellence.

The space itself reflects the vibrant, cosmopolitan nature of the city, while also providing a warm and friendly atmosphere—one where you can just as easily find a quiet spot to work as a familiar face to engage in a lively discussion. In addition to a fully equipped café and work area, there are also business amenities and other helpful resources. In a city that never sleeps, the NYC center is a lively hub for creativity, connection and community.