Alejandro Betancourt

VP Commerce
Alejandro Betancourt discovered Executive Success Programs (ESP) in 2002. After attending one of the first trainings ever offered by ESP in his hometown of Mexico City, he immediately recognized the program’s immense value and potential benefits to Mexico. He was soon at work opening a center in his country’s capital. The Mexico City center opened its doors in 2006, and today stands as one of ESP’s most successful centers worldwide. In addition to serving on ESP’s Executive Board, Alejandro (who also goes by Alex) has become one of the highest-ranking executives and one of its most qualified trainers. In addition to his work with ESP, Alejandro is President and CEO of Prorsus Capital, whose mission is finding emerging investment opportunities with a focus on further developing Latin America. Alejandro also oversees the board of directors in managing the fund’s ventures. Alejandro has founded several other businesses in the United States, including technology and web-based ventures, real-estate development companies, and different enterprises promoting the growth of contemporary art. He believes business and commerce are some of the most powerful tools for serving humanity and moving us all forward.