Emiliano Salinas

VP Ethics
Emiliano Salinas learned from an early age that hard work and dedication are key to self-development. Even as a teenager, this eldest son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas took his studies very seriously, eventually graduating from the prestigious ITAM in Mexico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He went on to get a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. A member of ESP’s Executive Board since 2009, he is involved in helping to maintain the company’s standards and responsible for leading its sales force.

In addition to his Executive Board duties, Emiliano is also a highly trained facilitator of ESP’s patented technology, Rational Inquiry® enthusiastically filling the roles of head trainer and field trainer, (training salespeople). He co-owns ESP centers in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Los Angeles, where he works with everyone from entrepreneurs and athletes, to politicians and movie stars. He has a deep passion for learning and testing his potential—whether its playing the piano or learning a new language—and it’s this passion that fuels his desire to help others do the same.

As a businessman and civic organizer, Emiliano has founded companies and led humanitarian movements. He worked as a financial analyst for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City and more recently, he co-founded Prorsus Capital, a venture capital investment fund with operations in Mexico and the United States. He is also a founding member and general coordinator of the INLAK’ECH Peace Movement, a citizen’s initiative created in 2008 to bring about a violence-free Mexico. His recent TEDx conference on peace: “In Search of Gandhis: A Civil Response to Violence” has received over 1.1 million web hits. Through these endeavors, Emiliano is convinced he can show that business can be ethical and that non-violence, compassion and humanitarianism have a place in modern day society.