Lauren Salzman

VP Education
Lauren Salzman has been an influential force in Executive Success Programs since she joined in 1998. Soon after, she became the company’s youngest regional VP and is now one of the leading authorities in the world on Rational Inquiry®.  She has also been an active member of ESP’s Executive Board since 2001. In this capacity she oversees multiple teams responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing facilitation of training programs and standards. These projects include designing facilitator and staff training curriculums and materials, and systematic methods for evaluating the proficiency and effectiveness of our programs. Exposed to the field of human potential at an early age, Lauren developed a strong interest in human behavior and interpersonal communications. Having studied numerous models in the field, her wealth of experience combined with her keen intellect caused a deep appreciation and respect for the Rational Inquiry® technology, especially the scientific nature and systematic reproducibility of the model. As a result, she has dedicated the last twelve years to learning the model and sharing it with others. A dynamic presenter, Lauren is one of ESP’s top international head trainers. She travels throughout North and South America as well as Europe, leading trainings for hundreds of individuals per year. She also works in a coaching capacity with a variety of people from CEOs and people in high government positions, to A-list Hollywood actors and entrepreneurs. In addition to her work with ESP, Lauren maintains a passion for human expression and the performing arts and consults on a variety of creative projects. Since 2007, she has been part of the creative team behind Anima Inc., a Mexico City-based performing arts company that recently performed at the Bicentennial Celebration of Mexico and directed and choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies for the Pan American Games. She is also working with and studying under Keith Raniere to create a new, experiential performance art process geared to move audiences through a deeply introspective, interactive philosophical inquiry. Her passion for helping others, her enthusiasm in pursuing her own personal growth and her desire to make Rational Inquiry® accessible to the world have made her an inspiring figure to all who know her.