Mark Vicente

Born in apartheid-era South Africa, author, speaker and award-winning director Mark Vicente developed a keen sense of social justice at an early age. He took his first photograph at age four and quickly discovered the power of the medium to move people. His passion for being behind the camera evolved over time and, at age twenty-six, he became one of the youngest cinematographers ever to shoot a big budget studio picture.

After his rise to prominence in Hollywood in the nineties, Mark became disheartened with his industry—the material he was working with was failing to address the issues he felt were important. Convinced that tales of greatness and nobility could be as successful as the typical fare, Mark decided it was time to start telling his kind of stories. His first steps towards actualizing this dream came with the release of the sleeper hit What the BLEEP do we Know?! in 2004.

As a result of his ongoing efforts to find new and effective ways to raise awareness through film, Mark was introduced to Keith Raniere’s groundbreaking model for improving human performance—Rational Inquiry®—in 2005. Inspired by its revolutionary approach and unparalleled efficacy, he was inspired to take his work in a new direction. Today, as a Regional VP with Executive Success Programs (ESP), Mark co-owns one of the most successful centers in the world. Besides serving on ESP’s Executive Board and heading multiple companies, Mark is also developing several film projects. He divides his time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and ESP’s headquarters in Albany, New York.