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Keith Raniere


Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere holds many titles to his name—scientist, mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor and author—but perhaps the most poignant among them is that of humanitarian. He has devoted his life to studying the human psychodynamic and developing new tools for human empowerment, expression and ethics. His endeavors share a drive to enhance human existence, as he works tirelessly, and joyfully, to help others elevate their awareness, success and, ultimately, experience of life. Raniere has collaborated with professionals from a vast array of backgrounds, from producers of large-scale theatrical performances to scientists in the study of specific neurological conditions. His aptitude for solving problems, his ceaseless dedication and attention to detail, and his enormous capacity for compassion form the cornerstones of Keith Raniere’s character.

From early childhood, he demonstrated astounding gifts nurtured by his parents and subsequent mentors. By the age of one, he could construct full sentences and questions; he was able to read by the age of two. An autodidact, he directed his learning abilities to learning itself, studying its science and art in order to find optimized learning strategies and methodologies. Applying this skill to athletics, Keith Raniere excelled in judo and was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven. He also excelled in numerous other sports including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling and skiing. By the age of twelve, he taught himself to play piano at the concert level; his passion and aptitude for music would inspire him to master many other musical instruments. He taught himself high school mathematics in nineteen hours at the age of twelve; only one year later, he was proficient in third-year college mathematics and was a professional computer programmer.

Keith Raniere entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) at age sixteen. From his first semester onward, he began taking PhD level mathematics courses, ultimately taking most of the graduate-level physics and mathematics courses available at the time. Upon graduation he became RPI’s first triple major, earning degrees in mathematics, biology and physics, with minors in philosophy and psychology, and an expertise in computer science.

Noted as one of the world’s top three problem solvers, Keith Raniere was honored in 1989 by the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of highest IQ. He has an estimated problem-solving rarity of one in 425,000,000 with respect to the general population. He has intellectual patents pending in the areas of human potential and ethics, expression, voice and musical training, athletic performance, commerce, education and learning, information processing and human modeling. He also holds several technological patents on computer inventions and a sleep guidance system.

Keith Raniere’s vision for humanity and human potential led him to found various other companies in the following years. In 2003, he founded NXIVM Corporation, a seminal company for various other endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities. He is the conceptual founder of Jness®, a company started five years later to promote the furtherance and empowerment of women throughout the world. Late in 2006, he founded Rainbow Cultural Garden, a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential. During 2007, Keith Raniere created Ultima®, a multidisciplinary program designed for the advancement of human expression. Different branches of Ultima® have resulted in movements and companies, ranging from a revolutionary model for physical fitness and body awareness to a company specializing in ethical standards for media. His innovations and ideas are rich and plentiful, having created and inspired several other companies and organizations. It remains to be seen how his efforts will affect all of humanity for generations to come, but what is clear is his undying commitment to advancing the human condition and making the world a better place.

Nancy Salzman


Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman has over thirty years of intensive study and practice in the fields of healthcare, human potential and human empowerment.

Fueled by a strong desire to help people, Nancy began her career as a psychiatric nurse. After sustaining a back injury early in her career, she pursued an interest in the fields of chronic pain and chronic illness, and began an exploration into non-traditional approaches to health and healing. She studied psycho-neuroimmunology and psychobiology, and later studied Ericksonian approaches to brief, solution-based therapy all over the United States and Canada with many acknowledged experts. She then practiced individual and family therapy for seven years before expanding to the field of human potential.

Nancy studied all over the United States with many top experts in the latter field, and became a professional trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She traveled nationally and internationally, leading workshops and goal-setting seminars for tens of thousands of people. In 1992, she incorporated the International Center for Change, and expanded into corporate consulting and organizational work in the areas of health care, government and industry. Her clients included C.S.E.A. Union, several divisions of the New York State Government, Map Info, St. Cabrini Nursing Home, Child’s Nursing Home, American Express and Con Edison.

After almost two decades of searching for potent, new and what she hoped would ultimately be permanent therapeutic solutions to human performance problems, Nancy became disheartened, realizing most models did not or could not deliver the results they promised. This was evident in the short-term duration of people’s progress after working with a particular model. And it was evident all too often when the very creators of different models would fail to embody the practices they were promoting.

At this time Nancy met Keith Raniere, creator of Rational Inquiry®. Moved by the possibility of helping people permanently improve and change, Nancy agreed to study this new model. Keith mentored and taught Nancy his remarkable technology, and they soon found she was able to reproduce his unprecedented results in corporate consulting.

In 1998, Nancy incorporated Executive Success Programs, Inc. (ESP) and implemented Keith’s new, reproducible method of teaching this model while ensuring consistent results. She is now the leading authority in Rational Inquiry® and, since the company’s inception, has codified over 650 two-hour inquiries and practice sessions used to train participants, coaches and facilitators.

As president of ESP, Nancy allocates the majority of her time to further developing the companies’ capacity to meet their ever-growing needs. Because of her strong belief in developing each person, she personally works with hundreds of individuals that make up ESP’s international network of coaches and regional executives.

Nancy’s varied experience and unique expertise, coupled with a genuine care for people, make her the company’s leading executive coach. In this capacity, she has and continues to coach and provide special counsel to CEOs, international dignitaries, celebrities, professional athletes, intellectuals and many others.

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